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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MERV rating?

Minimum Efficiency Value (MERV) is a filter rating system devised by the American Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to standardize and simplify air filter efficiency ratings for the consumer.


The higher the MERV rating, the higher the efficiency of the air filter. This simply means that a MERV 13 filter will remove smaller particles from the air than a MERV 8 filter.


MERV ratings give you the ability to effectively compare one brand to another. Aside from any value-added features such as antimicrobial or odor control properties, one MERV 8 filter will perform about the same as any other MERV 8 filter. MERV ratings only apply to the efficiency of the filter. Additional features are added benefits that do not factor into the MERV rating system.



What size filter should I order?

Let’s determine your filter size. There are 2 ways you can use to determine your filter size:


1. Measure your current filter. The filter should have a label on the side stating the size, such as “20×20×1”. Be aware that the labeled size is the nominal (approximate) size. Actual dimensions are usually smaller than the labeled size. Once you have measured your filter, you can compare actual dimensions of our filters to yours if you search by stock size (such as 20×20×1) or actual size (such as 19-1/2 × 19-1/2 × 1). These search options are available on our homepage.


2. If you do not have a filter to measure or if you are not sure that your current filter is the correct size, measure the track where your filter should be installed. You can select a filter that is up to 1/2-in. smaller than the length and width you measured. As a rule, if your filter track measures (for example) 20×25×1, you will be able to choose from any of our 20×25×1 filters which are designed to fit a 20×25×1 track.


TIPS - Do not order a filter that is the same size as the opening where the filter is installed. The filter needs to be slightly smaller than the opening to allow for easy installation and removal.

Filter Tip - Don’t forget to service your air filter.

  • Cleaning or replacing your air conditioning filter at the recommended intervals ensures your air conditioning system is always operating at peak efficiency and delivering cleaner air. Typically filters should be washed or replaced every 1 to 3 months.
  • If you cannot find a filter listed that matches the exact dimensions of your current filter or one that will fit properly into your filter track, you will need a custom filter.
  • If you are still not sure which size you need to order, please contact us for assistance and we will be happy to help you!