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Honeywell F300 / F50F Replacement Post-filters

  • Two post filters per case

  • $44.99 per filter

  • MERV 12 Rating

  • Lasts up to six months.

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Honeywell F300/F50F Replacement Post-filters


Honeywell 50000293-004 Post Filter For Kit 20 X 25 F300E And F50 Electronic Air Cleaners. This item is sold in a pack of 2. This item should be vacuumed out to clean but should NOT be washed. The electrostatic charge in the post-filter will dissipate if washed.


  • All prefilters have a thickness of 3/8".
  • Boosts efficiency by 8-10%
  • Captures up to 98% of particles between 3 and 10 microns in size - cat dander, pollen and dust.
  • Enhances air cleaner's filtration efficiency in capturing bacteria, smoke, particles, mold spores and other fungi.
  • Antimicrobial coating protects against bacteria and fungal growth on the filter.
  • Three-stage filtration includes exclusive electrostatic post-filter that improves efficiency with minimal resistance to airflow.
  • Lasts up to six months.


Additional Information

Price Per Unit N/A
Number of Filters in Case 2
Filter Longevity 6
Merv Rating 12

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