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Custom Allergy Gold® Electrostatic Furnace Air Filter


  • Lifetime Warranty

  •  Anti-Microbial Media Core

  • Gold-anodized Aluminum Frame

  • Pull Tabs

  • Three Layers of Filtration Media

  • 40 Standard Sizes (1" frames)

  • Drain Holes


  • 90% Peak Arrestance

  • 89% Average Arrestance

  • .12" Initial Resistance at 1200 CFM

  • 85 grams Dust Holding Capacity at .5" w.g.

  • 125 grams Dust Holding Capacity at 1" w.g.

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 Custom Allergy Gold® Electrostatic Furnace Air Filter


The Allergy Gold® electrostatic air filter is easy to install, it simply replaces the air filter you are currently using. It needs no assembly, no special installation, and uses no electricity. It requires only regular cleaning every 30 to 60 days to maintain the filters high efficiency. All Allergy Gold(R) furnace filters come standard with pull tabs that allow easy removal of the air filter from the HVAC unit. They are also equipped with drain holes to allow water to quickly exit after cleaning. The electrostatic air filters durable aluminum frame resists corrosion while providing a strong frame for the filtration media. Welded wire grid used on both sides of the filter ensure the media will stay in place even in the most powerful HVAC systems. The filtration media consists of two layers of polypropylene media, and one layer of anti-microbial foam. This combination makes the Allergy Gold(R) 90% efficient in removing airborne particulates. Breathing airborne pollutants often triggers allergy, asthma, and hayfever symptoms. As house dust, mold, and pollen are captured by the Allergy Gold, patients generally breathe easier and have fewer symptoms. Improved sleep patterns and a sense of well being are additional benefits.

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