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Custom 1" Dust Fighter 95® Furnace Filters

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 5 layers of filtration

  • Washes with warm water

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Custom 1" Dust Fighter 95® Furnace Filters


The Dust Fighter 95® electrostatic air conditioner filter has set the benchmark of quality that all filters strive to meet. Typical fiberglass throwaway air filters can trap only 5% of pollutants. And ordinary air conditioner filters sold through media and discount outlets trap only 80%. The Dust Fighter®95 is the most effective tool for eliminating 95% of common household pollutants which can harm you, your family, and your heating and cooling system.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Anti-Microbial Media Core
  • Gold-anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Pull Tabs
  • Five Layers of Filtration Media
  • 40 Standard Sizes (1" frames)


  • 95% Peak Arrestance
  • 93% Average Arrestance
  • .15" Initial Resistance at 1200 CFM
  • 100 grams Dust Holding Capacity at .5" w.g.
  • 130 grams Dust Holding Capacity at 1" w.g.

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Price Per Unit No
Number of Filters in Case 1
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