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3-Ply Polyester Ring Panel Filter 4"

  • Heat sealed construction

  • Tackified, progressive density media

  • More filter face area exposed to airflow

  • No need for retainer fasteners as required with some pleat designs

  • No deterioration or warping in high humidity or moisture conditions

  • 12 filters per case

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3-Ply Polyester Ring Panel Filter 4"


3-Ply Polyester Ring Panel Filters - Galvanized Wire Frame 3-Ply Polyester Ring Panel filters incorporate three distinct filter layers permanently heat-sealed around the edges.

  • Up to three times the capacity and service life of other panel filters 
  • Longer service life means lower operating costs
  • Self-gasketing perimeter assures leak-proof performance
  • Media is non-allergenic, unaffected by moisture, humidity, and most corrosive chemicals
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Replaces pleats and fiberglass disposables
  • A wide range of standard and custom sizes

Media layers are graduated density - the air entering layer is 1” tackified poly andhas larger, more open fibers for good dust loading, plus an anti-microbial agent.The air exit layer is 1/2” needled poly with smaller, tighter woven fibers for highefficiency.Heavy gauge galvanized internal support wire assures stability under high airvelocity and heavy dirt loading.Media overlap around all edges provides an air-tight seal to prevent dust bypass.Center seal pattern holds the polyester layers together to prevent sagging andfluttering.A non-migrating tackifier applied to the back of the air entering side of eachpanel acts as a final layer of defense by trapping and holding dust.


Additional Information

Price Per Unit No
Number of Filters in Case 12
Filter Longevity 4
Merv Rating 7

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